12 Mar Best Volume Boosting Shampoos for Oily Hair

Summer is great for ocean swims, lazy days lying on the sand and drinking copious amounts of cocktails. What it’s not so great for, is its ability to push our sweat and oil producing glands into overdrive. It’s very common for us to experience shiny faces in the Summer and dry flaky skin in the Winter, and our scalps often go through the same routine.

Unfortunately, an oily scalp is the enemy of glossy, bouncy and weightless hair. It has a habit of making your hair look dull, limp and fine.

It’s easy to reach straight for the dry shampoo when excess oil starts to build up but often, that solution can be doing you more harm than good. I love dry shampoo as much as the next but it’s only a quick fix and excessive use can cause build up on your scalp, stop it from being able to breath and trick it into thinking it needs to produce even more oil.

That’s where volume boosting shampoo’s come in. But, you should know that not all are created equal. Some formulas work to give your hair volume by completely stripping your hair of its natural oils that it needs to feel nourished. You may feel great after the first few washes, but eventually, your hair will dry out and your scalp will either flake, or get oilier.

Shop some of my favourites I’ve tried and loved below. These guys all create volume while caring for your hair with long-term payoff.

Keune Care Derma Regulate Shampoo

The Derma Regulate shampoo is designed to regulate the sebum and oils your scalp produces, the same way we use facial oils to trick our face into producing less congestion causing oil. It works to solve the root of the problem and helps to maximise the time between washes. If you’re looking for a shampoo to give you that squeaky clean, oil-free feeling, then this is it!

Ouai Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Oaui’s products are a no frills approach to good quality haircare. Their volume shampoo and conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft, bouncy, and most importantly, oil-free for a good few days of voluminous hair. The conditioner works to nourish your hair so your scalp doesn’t freak out and over produce oil.

Mukti Organics Botanique Shampoo

Mukti is one of those brands that has gotten natural and organic products just right, and trust me, that’s not easy to do. Their Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to remove excess residue from your scalp without the use of harsh detergents that can strip it and cause side effects. The dessert lime and lemon basil formula smells divine and will give you shiny, bouncy locks and take away the need to wash every other day.

Essano Ocean Minerals Voluminising Shampoo

Filled with natural ingredients like aloe vera and plant proteins, Essano’s formula is free of sulphates, parabens and chemicals that can wreak havoc on your hair. It works by nourishing your scalp to give your hair weightless volume and slow the production of oil. After a couple of weeks of using it, my hair was glossy, had a nice amount of body and didn’t feel like it had been stripped of its natural oils.