02 May Is Double Cleansing Worth It?

If your idea of cleansing your skin involves a makeup wipe or two at the end of the day, prepare for your routine to get a much needed makeover.

Double cleansing is by no means a new trend, many Korean and Japanese women have included it in their skincare routines for decades, but it’s continuing to rise in popularity in Australia thanks to its proven benefits to your skin.

Without understanding the benefits, you could easily argue that it’s just an additional step to add to our already complicated routines and another product to be adding to your shopping cart. Some think it’s wasteful or an unnecessary use of expensive product but for a lot of women, and also for me personally, it’s an acne fighting, smoothing and glow inducing routine.

It’s a simple concept really. Rather than cleansing your skin once before moving onto toner, serums and moisturiser, you cleanse your skin twice. This trick is in the types of cleanser you use and the order you use them in.

The first step to double cleansing is to use an oil cleanser. Start with dry hands and massage the cleanser into your skin to remove your makeup and start breaking down dirt and grime on your skin. Then you rinse with water. At this point, you’ll probably still have a layer of oil on your skin but it’s nothing to worry about because next, use your regular cream, gel or foam cleanser to wash away the excess oil and any congestion causing nasties on your skin.

So why does it work? The oil cleanser gets deep into your pores, breaking down makeup and dislodging dirt and excess oil. It may seem like you’re taking a step backwards rubbing oil onto your face, especially if you’re acne prone skin or already concerned about shine, but remember, oil dissolves oil. It’s one of the most effective ways to begin to soften blackheads and soak up excess grime.

Then, your regular cleanser not only washes away any leftover oil from your cleansing oil but also gets further down into your skin because there’s no excess makeup in its way. It’s almost like the first step is washing everything off your skin, and the second is actually washing your skin.

It’s only really necessary to double cleanse of a night time as you shouldn’t be wearing makeup to bed and therefore your cleanser doesn’t need to work as hard to break through any barriers to work its magic on your skin in the morning.

When it comes to picking a cleansing oil to add to your routine, you can really personalise your choice. There’s oil cleansers that assist with firming your skin if you’re concerned about sagging and loss of elasticity, oils designed to nourish particularly dry or dehydrated skin and oils specifically targeted at removing makeup.

So short answer, yes, double cleansing is very much worth it!