06 Mar Style Stalker File: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been serving inspiring red carpet beauty looks since early on in her career. J-Law looked absolutely stunning on the oscars red carpet yesterday (above), her hair, make-up, and dress all on point. We love everything about her Oscars look from the beachy, tousled hair to the burnt orange lip.

She’s a Hollywood megastar who looks as good with honey blonde locks as she does with dark brunette hair or a peroxide bob. And, with a face like hers, it’s not hard to see why she’s an ambassador for Dior.

Her day-to-day style may be very relatable but she’s proven that she’s not afraid to take a risk when it comes to a role or special event.

Her hair has seen the most change over the years. As a natural blonde, she’s evolved from long beachy waves to glam Hollywood curls. She coloured her hair a dark chestnut brunette for The Hunger Games after which she opted for an ombre blonde look before debuting her bob and eventually a pixie cut. She’s had a side swept fringe, bangs, long layers and a peroxide blonde lob proving there’s nothing she can’t pull off. These days, her textured layers create her the perfect tousled look.

When it comes to her makeup routine, she generally chooses to either go for a bold lip or a classic smokey eye. Her unique hooded eyelid means that when wearing eyeliner or shadow, she creates a very glam, feline-esq eye. She often chooses to go for a red lip, dark nude or a striking wine coloured lip.

As for her fitness routine, her toned, and quite frankly, enviable curves, strike the perfect balance between ‘works out daily’ and ‘totally kicks butt and eats a cheeseburger every now and then’. Which is exactly how JLaw wants it. When playing Katniss in The Hunger Games, it was important for her to look strong and be a positive role model for young women. She often jokes about being bigger than your average Hollywood gal but let’s be honest, she’s in amazing shape. Her trainer, Dalton Wong, shared some tips from the workouts she does with Jennifer.

“I don’t work any muscle group in isolation, as it is important to work the whole body as a unit. But for sculpted legs, I tend to focus on the big exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts, not just the hamstrings or quads.” And as for abs, Wong says, “I like the Plank, The Stork, or Mountain Climber.”