19 Apr Style Stalker File: Leighton Meester

She’s just delivered the world the hair makeover we didn’t know we needed and it’s firmly marked her place on our must-watch list. Yes, Leighton Meester’s drastic dye job from ‘girl next door brunette’ locks to a shoulder length, textured peroxide bob has the world swooning.


But with a little investigation, it turns out Leighton, the original Queen B, has been serving beauty inspiration since her days as everyone’s favourite Upper East Side socialite. And she’s not afraid to change up her look to try something new.

During her time on Gossip Girl, Leighton’s character, Blair Waldorf, made a serious case for polished curls, sleek blowouts and perfectly crafted up styles. As a preppy teen, she bought headbands into the modern world, and just about every teenage girls’ hair arsenal. Even as her character became a young adult, her style remained distinctive and made elegant, put together beauty looks cool again.

In real-life, Leighton’s approach to beauty couldn’t be further than that of her on-screen character. She’s a firm believer that beauty comes from the inside out and keeps her routine curated and simple.

Talking to Elle magazine, she said “I believe that health is the most important aspect of beauty. To be physically healthy – through nutrition and exercise – you feel and look your best.”

She’s revealed that her diet is very intuitive. She eats what she feels her body needs and what she wants to eat in that moment. She’s also admitted that coffee and chocolate are regular treats she includes in her diet.

And her fitness routine is just as lax as the woman herself. She has a trainer come to her house once a week to work with her. During her workouts, she likes to take it easy and doesn’t like feeling uncomfortable.

For her skincare regime, simple is better for Leighton. “I think I’ve become more specific with my beauty routine as I’ve gotten older, but in general I am very gentle on my skin. I cleanse in the morning and night, and every few days I gently exfoliate. I also use sunscreen every day.”

And her makeup routine for a night out is just as low-key, “Usually I keep it minimal, emphasising one feature, like lips or eyes, either with plum or red lipstick, or a bronze eye liner. I curl my lashes and use BB cream when necessary.”

On the red carpet, she’s worn a range of lipstick shades from classic red to a deep wine, pale nude to an almost orange tone, proving she really can do it all. One thing we’ve noticed though, even when she does wear a lipstick, it’s never too neat or bold, but rather slightly blurred around the edges like French women are famed for.