20 Feb The Most Common Beauty Mistakes You Make

Being a beauty expert, I can’t help but pay close attention to the make-up and beauty habits of those around me. Everyday I see many mistakes being made, whether it’s cakey looking make-up, irritated skin, or brittle snapped hair, these mistakes that are causing you to not look or feel your best. The good news is that these mistakes can be easily corrected.

Mismatched foundation

Finding the right foundation is harder than you’d think. It’s imperative you choose a product that matches your skin tone exactly, it also needs to be made for your specific skin type (i.e dry, normal, oily, ageing etc), and it needs to be the right amount of coverage for you.

If you fail to meet these three requirements when choosing your foundation it’s certain you won’t like the results.

If your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone exactly it will look like you’re wearing way more make-up than you actually are. Loads of girls I’ve come across choose a foundation that’s several shades darker than their actual skin tone in the hope it will make them look more tanned. This is a big mistake! The result is almost always a thick cakey looking foundation.

You know when you see someone and think ‘whoah they’re wearing so much foundation’…?

I’d bet my bottom dollar that the person in question is wearing the wrong colour.

If you choose the right colour you should be able to wear as much foundation as you want (even a really heavy coverage) and it still look like your skin and not a mask of make-up. Yet if you choose the wrong colour, even by a few shades it will look like you are wearing heavy make-up, even when you’re not.

If you want to look more bronzed, use a foundation that matches your skin exactly with a bronzer dusted over the sides of the face.

Choosing a foundation that isn’t made for your skin type has an equally negative effect. If you wear a foundation that’s made for dry skin and you have oily skin, the result will look greasy, shiny and not last very long. It will also probably cause spots and breakouts….eek!

If you wear a foundation made for oily skin and you have dry skin the result is the reverse- dry cakey looking make-up, that accentuates every pore, fine line and blemish. It isn’t pretty!

The bottom line is choosing the right foundation requires a little bit of research and definitely trying before you buy. If you don’t do the research, or try before you buy you are probably wasting your money on a foundation you won’t be happy with, and that could possibly make your skin worse.

Exhibit A: Catherine Zeta

Using Harsh Cleanser

It drives me crazy when I see my friends using alcohol filled, stripping cleansers. It happens a lot!

Often they are cheaper, well known brands, easy to pick up from the supermarket that are laden with alcohol, fragrance and other harsh skin stripping ingredients.

Apparently many women think a cleanser needs to leave their skin with that ‘squeaky’ clean feeling, yet this idea is completely wrong.

Let me explain it like this- Your skin has it’s own little eco system (called the microbiome) that works to regulate and protect your skin. There are several types of good bacteria that live on the skins surface which are a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and they also help the skin to heal rapidly. On the skin’s surface there is also the body’s natural oil secretions, which help to lubricate and protect the skin. This little eco system acts as a defensive barrier against infection, and environmental damage.

So when you use a harsh cleanser or soap to wash your face or your body, you are literally wiping out this entire system. Harsh cleanser destroys the natural oils, and wipes out the good bacteria.

And here lies the problem. By stripping the skin of it’s natural defences you make it more prone to irritation and problematic skin conditions, like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and sensitivity. You also then need to spend money on additional products to rectify the damage the harsh cleansers have caused.

Additionally, stripping the skin of it’s natural oils prompts the skin to produce more oil, which can consequently cause or exacerbate acne and breakouts.

When buying cleanser opt for an alcohol and fragrance free option. There are plenty of great ones on the market. Cleansing oils and Micellar waters are both fantastic options! They remove every trace of make-up, but leave the skin feeling supple and smooth and most importantly they support and do not interfere with the skins microbiome.

What many of us fail to realise is that we are using products that strip away the natural protective barrier from the skin, and then we spend all our money on a multitude of expensive skin care to give back the hydration and nutrients that we previously washed away.

Use gentle products PLEASE people!
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The Wrong Shampoo

Finding the right shampoo is as equally important as finding the right foundation.

A shampoo needs to support your hair type, and if you get it wrong there are a multitude of negative effects it can have on the look and health of your hair.

To put it simply buying the wrong shampoo will mean you need to wash your hair more frequently, and it will take more product and more time to style.

There is a shampoo variety available for every possible hair type- dry hair, coloured hair, oily hair, damaged hair, straight hair, curly hair and the list goes on…

To find the right shampoo for your hair type you need to figure out what your greatest hair concern is. For me, it’s that I want my hair colour to last between salon appointments and I want to manage any damage caused by the colouring process. As you’d imagine, I always choose shampoo specifically for coloured hair.

If your shampoo feels like it weighs your hair down, or dries your hair or your scalp out too much, then it’s time to switch and find an option more suited to you.

If you’re using the wrong shampoo, you will end up spending more money on dry shampoo, serums, balm and sprays to rectify the problems your shampoo is causing.

Another common shampoo mistake I see a lot is when people use a toning shampoo to get rid of brassy hair tones.

Toning (or purple shampoo) is absolutely fantastic for getting rid of unwanted brassy tones, BUT it dries the hair out.

Toning or purple shampoo should not be used every wash. Instead only use it every other wash, or whenever you feel like you need it. If you use it every wash I can guarantee your hair will be more dry and brittle.
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